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kcoy-keyt-kkfx-eyeseeSB“How to take great photos at local events”

Photography tips on how to capture beautiful pictures in the mist of crowds during street festivals like I Madonnari.


kcoy-keyt-kkfx-eyeseeSB“Get to See Santa Barbara From a Different View”

Eye See Santa Barbara Photography Tours give both locals and visitors a chance to learn some basic photography skills while getting to experience Santa Barbara’s most iconic spots.


SB_Independent_eyeseesb“See Santa Barbara Through a New Lens”

Eye See Santa Barbara, a photography tour that takes participants through different Santa Barbara landmarks while teaching the basics of photography.


LAweekly_eyeseesb Eye See Santa Barbara Holiday Lights Photography Tour — festive and educational.


kcoy-keyt-kkfx-eyeseeSB“3 Photography Tips”

Andreina Diaz is a professional photographer and the founder of Eye See Santa Barbara Photograph Tours. She brought everyone here at KKFX 3 simple tips; Filling the Frame, Unique Point of View, and Find the Light.


SB_Sentinel_eyeseesb“Eye See Santa Barbara” is a two-hour tour that Diaz coaches photography techniques along the way. Using professional, digital, or a phone camera, you’ll have unique and creative images that you’ll be more than happy to show off.


805_living_eyeseeSB“Capturing a scenic location can get tricky with limited camera skills. To get great photo finishes, take an Eye See Santa Barbara Photography Tour.”