Photograph I Madonnari Street Painting Festival


“Madonnari, or street painters, transform the Mission plaza using pastels on pavement to create 150 vibrant and colorful, large scale images. It is the perfect session to capture memorable and unique images.”

Eye See Santa Barbara offers these 2-hour photography tours to those who would like to experience this festival with their cameras. This photo tour is specially designed with the curiosity of our local and visiting families in mind. We only offer this tour once a year. It is a 2-hour experience for the entire family to enjoy. This photo tour will take place at Mission during the festival. We will walk through the large-scale chalk murals and their artist, who carefully will decorate the pavement with bright art pieces. Our intention will be to share information about the festival while sharing tips on how to successfully capture photographs at a festival like this one.

Taking successful pictures during a public event can be difficult with so many people and distracting elements. There are several technical considerations to keep in mind, in addition to the general technical and compositional elements. The use of proper techniques, composition, gear, lenses will improve the quality of your images. We have designed a 2-hour experience focusing on the splendor of “I Madonnarie” that will give tour participants the tools to understand how to capture memorable pictures at festival.

Take away:

2 hour experience focusing on the splendor of this romantic festival, that will give people the tools to understand how to capture beautiful pictures in the mist of crowds with their cellphones or cameras that can be applied at other festivals or settings.

You are going to love this photo tour!

Tour Schedule:

The tour will be offered 2 Days Only! Both tours are 2 hours and involves some walking round.

Friday May 26th

Saturday May 27th


9:00 pm to 11:00 pm (2 hours)

Price: $80 per person

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us [email protected]